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 Is my item worth having Appraised?

Our records from 1996-2017 show that 88% of the antique appraisals  we’ve completed have been for items worth more than $500.00. Nobody wants to spend money to find out an item is worthless, if your item happens to be worth less than our fee there’s no charge. What’s even worse though is finding out that something you gave away, or sold for a couple of dollars to clear out your basement or garage was a valuable antique. How to find out how much your antiques are worth? Get your Appraisal today!

Items such as the ones pictured here are unexpected surprises for our customers. Nearly all the items we have appraised were just considered curiosities by their owners, none really had any idea of the item’s value until they contacted us. One shown above, is a complete set of 8 Walt Disney Seven Dwarfs books from 1938. This set sat packed up with a pile of children’s books, yard sale material, considered to be junk, but copies of this set in good condition have sold  at auction for $2000.00.

Why should you use our service?

  • We have been providing Antique Appraisals for Insurance, Estate, Tax & Probate purposes since 1959.
  • Current Appraisal information for a wide range of antiques & collectible items can be hard to find, even on the internet.
  •  Have your appraisal emailed directly to you in 48 hours.
  • Price guides already two years out of date when published and often give only a minimum of information.
  • Specialized reference information regarding Antique Appraisals is expensive and often difficult to find at your local library or bookstore.
  • Professional appraisers fee’s range from $75.00 to $400.00 per hour, we have a wide range of appraisal services from $4.95- $24.95 U.S

How we get our appraisal information for antiques and collectibles?

  • We monitor all the major Auction Houses world wide for the most up to date sales results.
  • We monitor Auction sales results from several Online Auctions daily and add these results weekly to our database.
  • We subscribe to all the Major & Minor Antique & Collectible trade publications.
  • Our Reference library is constantly growing, some of our books about Antique collecting & restoration date to the 1820’s!

We regularly participate in Roadshow type events, shows and auctions to maintain contact with those in the trade.

What will my appraisal look like?
We use the same research methods for our Online Appraisals as we do for our regular appraisals.for Insurance, Tax or Estate  purposes we follow the USPAP guidelines (Uniform Standards of  Professional Appraisal Practice).Note that our appraisals are based on the images and information you send us, please read our disclaimer about Hypothetical Appraisals


18 thoughts on “Antique Appraisals Online”

  1. We’d be happy to provide an appraisal of your items, just click our “Get an Appraisal” link and fill out our form.

    Mike Wilcox

  2. I have a bald eagle statue. I would like to send a picture to show its describtions and features Its very interesting and in excellent condition. I look fore to hearing from you.

  3. I have some figurines that’s look just like hummels they’re no marking the taller than I’ve ever seen but the have have same image they are about 8 1/2″ tall. Very interested in finding out anything I can about them

      1. I own a melodian that is labeled “George A. Prince & Co., Buffalo, N.Y., and beneath that, in cursive writing, it says “Patont Graduated Swell.”
        The wood is rosewood and the keys are ivory. we were given this piece by Lillian Lemke in 1979, & it was originally purchased by her father,
        Mr. James Lemke, of Saratoga Spgs., NY, Troy, NY. He was involved in the theatrical unions in New York City at the turn of the century. We replaced the bellows shortly after receiving it, so that myu husband could play it. We loved the sound! My husband passed away last year and I want to sell it, if possible, as
        it still has a lovely sound. how can I get an appraisal from you?

        Mary K. Duncan

        1. Hi Mary, we apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We are currently experiencing issues with our email appraisal request form not submitting. You can email us directly with your appraisal requests and images to

  4. I have an original Toshi Yoshida,woodblock art,Peggys cove,Canada.It’s signed in English and Japanese.I believe it was done in the late seventies.

  5. Hi there , i found this site on the internet, and i am wondering if you ever saw a hummel with a decimail point after the number . like 32. or 23. tmk 1 dubbelcrown no size with kind regards

    1. Hi, I don’t recall noticing any Hummels marked in that manner. I would suggest contact the parent company Goebel for clarification

  6. do you know has th etching of R F King, “In the Clyde” that is shown on the Mark for antique’s add. Iam a collector of seascape etchings, I have two other seascapes by him(?) and would like to add this one to it. Many thanks in anticipation. Roger

      1. Hi Roger, sorry I can’t help you with that. I’d suggest keeping an eye on for upcoming sales for etchings by this artist.


        Mike Wilcox

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