Big Find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store


We had a big find come in from a Salvation Army thrift store of all places, I guess I shop in all the wrong stores, because it appeared to be a  Louis Vuitton suitcase, with a $25.00 price tag on it. Sometimes all these things are is knock offs with some miles on them. Upon examination of this one though, it proved to be the real deal and in pretty good condition. Right now at auction a comparable Louis Vuitton suitcase would go at auction in the $800.00- $1200.00 range.

Mike Wilcox at the Miami Antique Show has contracted our services to a number of other firms and insurance companies over the years.  In this video I’m partnered with for their Appraisal Days event at the largest Antique show in North America, the Miami Antique Show.

Along with their team of experts we verified every piece that came in for sale at the show was a genuine antique and participated in their Antique Roadshow event.