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promoHi, my name is Mike Wilcox, I’m the founder of Antique Appraise.com. Our company was originally established in 1959 as a traditional Antique sales and Restoration service for both private individuals and Insurance companies. We were one of the very first companies to provide appraisals online, first offering our services  in 1996 as an experiment to test this new medium, by offering a basic “Appraisal By Email”  that everyone could afford. We’ve led the way since then by being:

* The first Online Appraisal Service to adopt the USPAP ² standards for  appraisal reporting

* The first to offer low cost online appraisal tutorials and instant  valuation services.

* One of the very first internet sites to focus only on Appraisal Services for  Antiques & Collectibles.

* The first to offer low cost online appraisal tutorials and instant valuation services

* All of our Appraisals are completed by our staff, not contracted out to a “Appraiser Network”

* Regular contributors to Antique periodicals, forums and  Road Show type events.

* Offering the widest range of appraisal & reference services on the  Internet.

You have my guarantee that every appraisal and service provided has to have  my approval before you receive it. I hope you find our site as interesting as we  find the items you send us for appraisal.

*The large number of phone requests for free appraisals and information has forced us to remove our office phone number from the website.¹

*Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ²



Mike Wilcox
Wilcox & Hall Appraisers

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