Appraisal Find of the Week

We often provide appraisals for some wonderful things here at This week we had an exceptional piece sent in for an appraisal, a Tiffany Studios “Zodiac” Calendar Holder or Photo Frame , Circa 1900-1910 . These were generally once part of a larger matching desk set that could have included a blotter set, bookends, inkwell, letter holder, note holder and pen tray.

Tiffany items have always been highly sought after by collectors, and values for them have weathered the ups and downs of the market in recent times quite well compared to items by less known companies.

This one’s owner reports it’s sat in a spare bedroom of an Aunt’s house with an old photo in it for years, nobody thought it was worth anything. We provided a nice surprise for them when they got their appraisal, as one like this could retail for over $2000.00, comparables at auction often sell for over $900.00.