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Wells Fargo/Plantation Desks

Plantation DeskIn the antiques trade, these are usually called “Plantation desks” because the type was often made in Southern cabinet shops and used in plantation offices. Of course, they were produced all over the established inhabited areas of the country, including the Great Lakes region. Another generic name sometimes used for this type of desk is the “Wells Fargo desk,” again referring to a sometime use of this style of desk by cartage companies, railways and general stores. Most desks of this type are what are referred to as being “Early Victorian”—such pieces were made from about 1840 through the 1860s. Most were the work of rural cabinet makers or small furniture factories working from English furniture design books, using native hardwoods, such as cherry, maple, oak and walnut in their construction. Walnut examples like this one date circa 1850 and originate from North Eastern states. Values for them depend a great deal on vintage, condition, overall design and wood type.

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Mike Wilcox

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