Free Online Antique Appraisals

Free AppraisalsFree Online Antique Appraisals.. is probably one of the most used search terms for antiques & collectibles on all the major search engines. As I write this today, just on Google alone searching for Free Appraisals pulls up 17,240,000 results… While this may seem like a great thing for people trying to find out what their antiques or collectibles are worth, most of them break down to the following four types:

  • “Click Bait” Free Appraisal sites loaded with links that take you to other Click Bait sites…they get paid every time you click a link.
  • Auctions Sites, they will provide free appraisals for items they think they can sell, but generally only for items worth more than $1000.00
  • Antique Forums, thousands of postings from people looking for free appraisals, very few of them getting any response…and full of adds
  • Dealers Sites, they will provide a valuation, but the value they quote you to buy it is not an appraisal, it’s 30-50% of what they would sell it for.

In reality most of these sites are not in the business to provide free appraisals, but to sell advertising, or get stock at wholesale values. In the case of auction houses and dealers the initial appraisal might be free, but commissions they charge you to sell your item can be as high as 25%.

Of the ones where you actually might get an appraisal for free are the Antique Forums. The problem with forums of this type is you have no idea that the information received is accurate, after all, expert appraisers are in high demand and do not work for free. If you do get a response to your request it will probably be dozens of others saying they’ve got one “just like yours” and asking you “have you found out what it was worth yet”…….
So, the reality is there really are no free appraisals, you pay either with the time you spend searching, clicking and waiting, selling your item at an extreme discount or commission fees at time of sale.

At we don’t provide free appraisals, but appraisals are our only business. If you are really are interested in finding out what your item is worth quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost click here….we promise there will be no advertising…

Insuring your Antiques and Collectibles

Insuring your Antiques and Collectibles

Chance are very good that if you collect Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Arts, over time they will have appreciated in value and may no longer be fully covered by your Home Owners insurance, or if not recently inventoried and appraised you may not receive their full value in the event of fire or loss. Homeowners insurance typically covers your home structure, garages and outbuildings, personal belongings,  accidental injury or damage to others and living expenses. Most personal belongings can be covered for specific perils or all perils, but often only be covered up to a set replacement value. If you have an inventory of your antique or collectibles and their value does fall under the limit of your standard home owners policy you generally won’t have much to worry about.

If any item in your Collections does exceed the set coverage in your Homeowners insurance you a a potential problem. To have proper protection for high value items, Fine Arts, Collectibles, and Antiques, you might need to place these items on a separate policy and include receipts and appraisals for their full market value. Don’t make the mistake many have when it comes to taking inventory of your belongings and put it off.  If you have everything documented and appraisal reprts with images of each item it’s much easier  to have your claim processed quickly and without loosing out on full recovery of their value. Always make sure you have a copy of your inventory, photo’s and appraisals stored off premises , such as a safety deposit box or even digitally on a portable thumbdrive in your car’s glove box or even online in a digital photo gallery. Another option is to video your collection, all of these options will help speed your claim along with the least amount of inconvenience and worry.

Mike Wilcox

Wilcox & Hall Appraisers