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“What’s it Worth Mike?” Silver Coins

Dump your change jars and have a look, it might surprise you what your coins are worth.

While I do not deal in silver coins of any sort, except for those in my pocket, I get a great deal of requests for information for the value of American and Canadian Silver coins.

American silver coins were in standard circulation until silver was removed from all coinage in 1965, and Canadian silver coins until 1968. Silver coins from both countries have a monetary face value, a collectible value and bullion value for theamount of pure silver they contain.

Depending on the vintage and rarity of the coin, its value as a collecitible coin can exceed it’sScrap silver value, but for most mid 20th Century coins that contain silver, their silver value exceeds their value as a collectible coin.
I’ve provided some links below that will allow you to check the value of both American and Canadian silver coins. so dump out that old change jar and have a bit of fun, and maybe make a little extra money as well

Mike Wilcox

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