It’s Spring Cleaning Time

It’s been a tradition that each Spring we offer our appraisals at our original 1996 price of $9.95 for April & May. We know Spring is a time many people look about their homes and decide it’s time to clear out the basement, attic and garage. During the enthusiasm to clear the clutter, many things get turfed out, put on the curb or sold at Yard sales for far less than they worth. We are avid Auction Goers and Yard Salers and see evidence of this all the time. Just last month we pulled out a box of books at a yard sale with a Steven King 1977 first edition of “The Shining” in it, which can go for over $200.00 and a 1982 first edition copy of Sue Grafton’s “A is for Alibi” which retails for about $175.00. So if you have an item you are not sure about, click our get an appraisal link