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Art Deco, Rosenthal and Hugo Meisel



Meisel rosenthal blackamoor

A Circa 1937 Rosenthal “Blackamoor” by Hugo Meisel

I’ve always had a soft spot for Art Deco, particularly the Rosenthal porcelain figural groups of the period. It’s also a good place for Collectors interested in this period
because there it’s still possible to pick up some great pieces at relative;ly most prices at auction or even yard sales if you don’t mind a bit of digging.

The piece shown here is a good example it’s a  group by Rosenthal, marked “H.Meisel” for the original artist who designed this piece, Hugo Meisel (1887-1966). Meisel’s pieces were designed at the peak of the Art Deco period, he worked for Rosenthal in 1936 and 1937. Meisel also created pieces for several other porcelain works during the Deco period, such as Heubach,  Aelteste Volkstedter, and Schwarzburger. The Rosenthal company back stamp on this piece indicates this one dates to mark on this piece dates to 1937.

Like a great many other sculptors of the period, Meisel work depicted his figural groups and figures in active poses, almost like stop motion, freezing a moment in time portrayed , like can bee seen in this “Blackamoor” figure. Meisel did not limit himself just to human studies, but is just ans well known for his designs including \Horses, birds and dogs. Not all pieces by him are bargains, some of the larger figural groups have listed with auction pre-sale estimates in the $1000-$1500.00 range and consistently hitting those targets. There are still bargains to be had though, it still not that hard to find individual figures by Meisel like this “Blackamoor” sometimes selling at auction for less than $200.00.

Mike Wilcox is a Professional Appraiser and Consultant
who specializes in 19th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts