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Modern Limited Edition Bronze

Julietta bronze

Julietta, issued in 1987 as a limited edition of 500

Sometimes the term Limited edition gets thrown around so much it’s regarded as not meaning much in terms of value. While this view might apply to things like Elvis liquor decanters or Collectors plates, there are many exceptions, like the bronze pictured here. It bucks the odds because it truly is a limited edition item and very high quality. This particular piece is based on the work  of Romain de Tirtoff (1892-1990), who was probably one of the first to market himself in the 20th Century by a singular nickname, in his case ” Erté ” after the way his initials “R.T.” sound in French.

Erte, who had been a major figure in costume and set  design as far back as 1915 until the 1930’s had been out of the limelight for a great many years when the the interest in Art Deco design was revived in the late 1970’s. He was approached in 1977 by Fine Art Acquisitions to produce a line of serigraphs and bronze figures based on his original designs, some of which he had originally produced for the well known Harper’s Bazaar magazine Circa 1915-37.

The first bronze figure was titled “Victoire,” making its appearance in 1980, just one of over 60 models to be offered. The one pictured here was titled “Julietta, issued as part of an edition of only 500 in 1987, which lists retail in Galleries that specialize in 20th Century bronzes in the $18,000.00- $22,000.00 range, but often being brokered for less than $6,000.00. Occasionally these Erte’s will go at auction for less than $1500.00 when mistaken for other mass produced “Limited Edition” bronzes from the  1980’s, so keep your eyes open for a bargain.


Mike Wilcox
Wilcox & Hall Appraisers