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Amazing what hangs on the wall

It’s amazing what just hangs on the wall for years on end and nobody realizes its value. We had one of these items come in last week, the shock on the owner’s face when I informed them what it would go for at auction made me think I might have to call an ambulance.  To say there were amazed was an understatement.

The item in question they contacted us to appraise was a Wall clock, not much to look at from the average persons eye, but to a Collector or an Appraiser it would set off alarm bells. This rather plain looking clock is a late 19th Century E. Howard No. 70 Regulator, which could sell at auction in the $15,000.00- $20,000.00 range. Some of the even rarer Howard wall clocks, such as their model No. 47 Astronomical Hanging Regulator have sold for over $250,000.000.