What can’t be appraised online?

For a variety of reasons roughly 10% of the appraisal requests we receive every month we have to decline, they really can’t be appraised online from images or descriptions. Generally it is a case of items that really require a physical examination by a Specialist or cannot be adequately identified from images. Items in this category tend to be things such as:

  • Oil Paintings
  • Original works of Art
  • Ancient Relics
  • Unmarked Jewelry with gemstones
  • Rare Manuscripts with signatures

In other cases it’s a matter of inadequate images, either they are too small, poor lighting in the area of the photo or they are not clear enough to determine a positive identification.

In some cases we will identify items that we normally would decline, but only if they come with documentation (known as a Provenance) from a reliable source that has previously identified the item and there is a chain of ownership that can be verified. If you are not sure we can provide you with an appraisal for your item, feel free to leave us a message.

Mike Wilcox