“What’s it Worth Mike?”- Hunzinger Rocker

A Hunzinger Lollipop Platform Rocker

This Rocker is just one of several models of ” Lollipop” types made by the furniture maker George Hunzinger. Hunzinger was born in Germany in 1835, his family had been in the cabinetmaking business since the 17th century. Hunzinger, with his training in Cabinet making complete emigrated to New York at the age of 20, he was just one of many highly trained German cabinetmakers, including the Herter Brothers, emigrated to the United States for a better life away from the political and economic turmoil in Germany in the mid 1800’s.


An example of a Hunzinger Patent drawing

Hunzinger was one of first to take advantage of this very latest technology for woodworking, between 1860 and 1898 he was  awarded 21 for the multitude of  mechanisms used in the design and production of his furniture. A great deal of the machinery his company used to construct these elaborate pieces were also built to his designs. His work being very popular at the time spurred competition, his pieces  widely copied by other manufacturers during the last quarter of the 19th Century.

As with all things Antique, over time similar items tend to get generic labelling. Hunzinger’s name today has become a generic term as  “Hunzinger style.” used to describe furniture made with elaborate turned spindles, barley twist legs, metal sliding, folding and rocking mechanisms. Unlike a lot of other makers of furniture of this type that did not mark their pieces, genuine Hunzinger furniture is generally easy to identify.  Being such a stickler for protecting his designs and market share from his many competitors, Hunzinger made pieces are quite easy for us to identify today, because the metal fittings and often the chairs themselves are stamped with his name and patent dates.  As for value, in the current market a comparable Hunzinger Lollipop rockers today list at some higher end dealers for over $5500.00. Values for all Hunzinger furniture varies a great deal, to get an appraisal for yours Click Here


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