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A singer treadle sewing machine

This Singer sold at Auction for $75.00 this past year

Several times a month I get a call that starts like this, ” I have this Antique Singer sewing machine I got from my Great Grandma..” Quite often the tale goes on to add  ” A local Dealer tried to get it off  Great Grandma for a $1,000 10 years ago and she chased him out of the house with a broom.”  This is not to say these machines are worthless, only that some are worth  a great deal more than others.

Where the idea started that these old treadle machines had such huge value is anybodies guess, but it probably is the belief that because of their being over 100 years old they are Antiques and must follow the equation”100 years old X (Antique) = Valuable”.

The family stories that come with these machines to often inflates their age, rarity and value as well tales that generally include mention that some aged member of the family, a great-grandmother or great aunt, usually aged between 92 and 104 bought the machine used Circa 1894.

As with all things Antique or Collectible, the value for different models of Antique Singer sewing machines is based “Demand & Supply” rather than standard “Supply and Demand” equation used in the regular economy. The market for all Antiques differs from the regular economy for brand new items because the supply of an individual Antique item is always limited to how many were originally made way back when. When demand and value for an Antique item increases due to changes in Decorating or Collecting trends, there are no factories put into production to create new Antiques to fill demand.

Rare Singer Sewing machines

This rarer pair of Singer machines sold at auction for $3600.00

In the case of Singer sewing machines, some models were made in such huge numbers their values remain modest today. Even though they are well over 100 years old, these less than rare machines often sell for under $150.00, while others can go at auction for over $1500.00. If you have one of these old Singer Sewing machines and finally want to know what it’s worth click here


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